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Optimise your resources by using Optimaps in production planning!

Optimizes your production along time and cost factors during high-level production planning. Effectively supports the production planning staff by running multiple scenarios in parallel, thereby reducing planning time.

Developed for small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses who would like to keep pace with the accelerated development in technology and plan their processes as optimal as possible.

Optimaps uses a mathematical algorithm to create the most suitable and optimal production schedule for you, taking into account your company’s priorities.

Other software are wasting your time with their complicated interface instead of making your job easier? We know this problem! We’ve designed Optimaps to help you with your everyday work, not hinder it with the clunky and complicated interface of yet another software. With a simple menu, outstanding graphics and modern colour coding, it’s quick and easy to use, the overview of the production status takes only a few seconds!


Time and cost savings

Optimaps can reduce production time and cost by making better use of existing resources (through data analytics), adapting to company priorities and targets.


The ability to redesign easily and quickly increases the company’s adaptability and long-term competitiveness.


Optimaps has an easy-to-use, transparent interface and clear visualisation to help the user. It does not require lengthy training to use.

Manual rescheduling

Easily change the sequence of scheduled orders and tasks, or the assignment of machines with the drag & drop function.

Test It!

Interested in using the software but not yet ready to commit? We offer a 3-month trial period, during which you are free to test Optimaps’ features and get measurable results on the savings you can achieve by using it.


Machine calendar

The machine calendar view displays all machines organised by machine group and shows all completed, ongoing and scheduled tasks, their status and expected completion. Colour-coding makes the current status of production clear and easy to see and allows quick intervention when it’s needed.

Daily plan view

You can list all the tasks planned for that day on a given machine, making it easy to get an overview of schedules, while also helping the work of the operators.

Planned vs. actual scheduling

The visual Gantt chart and snapshots on current production status display both planned and real-time production and make it easier to manage discrepancies.

Integrates with your system

We are not asking you to replace your existing proven software! Optimaps works seamlessly with and extracts data from most ERP systems, eliminating the need for lengthy manual data entry during implementation.

Operational environment

Optional cloud-based or on-premises solution. A cloud-based solution gives you the ability to access key production and planning data from any device at any time of day.


We are prepared for incidents and outages! In the event of changes in capacity or orders, Optimaps offers several parallel planning variants so that the scheduler has the flexibility to test and see alternatives quickly and easily.

Investment planning

We help you prepare for changes! Optimaps simulates the addition of a new production machine, so you are able to test the efficiency improvements you can achieve when planning your investments, before you buy the machines.

Maintenance management

No more hassle with a maintenance issue! Optimaps not only manages sudden shutdowns, it also allows you to plan for upcoming machine maintenance. The software calculates planned maintenance time when creating production plans.  

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